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Features and Benefits:

Cross Platform with White Labelling

Cross platform application through Android and IOS and comes with your brand name.

One Click

Broadcast news and events to all the parents in One click.

Messaging Solutions

Sending Bulk SMS/OBD Solutions under B2C platform


Military grade security with 256 bit AES encryption


Instant, Secure &Lightning Fast Mobile Messaging App for Businesses.

Your Secure Mobile Messenger

Messaging is essential for employees who work on the go. Connect your entire organization with one simple and secure Solution.

• MY-L1 is an all-in-one IT Operations automation platform enables IT Professionals to define and centrally manage their IT infrastructure systems.

• It automates time-consuming manual tasks and delivers with a minimum level of Configurations.

• MY-L1 automates alerts and route notification to My-L1

• Mobile app for the authorized users


• Provides a central management hub for the administration of all automation tasks.
• Flexible, centrally directed process scheduler Select the required service and also you can customize your own scripts
• Multi-user access management functionality Ensures consistency, reliability, and stability and much more....


• Seamlessly integrates in your running environment.
• Automate day-to-day tasks.
• Instant Alerts and Reporting
• Cost Effective Solution
• Limited Human intervention and much


• Despite huge investments in Security Solutions, Data's are still getting hacked.

• What’s needed is a constant check correctness of security solution implementation against Industry’s best practices and latest threats that can block threats.

• Organizations should map organization-specific configuration policies and operational processes to industry-recognized control frameworks and best practices.

• Any endpoint protection approach should not be a burden, nor should it cause a management tax on the IT security team or the end user.


• Security enables enterprise to have all their audit/security requirements under one roof.
• Supports Multiple OEM Vendors and products includes: Fortinet, Cisco, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, Apache etc....
• Provide predefined functions that can be customized to meet enterprise requirements.
• SYNC with National Vulnerability database and get periodic updates on CPE, CVE and CVSS


• Analyses multiple devices at one scan
• Customize and Scheduled Features
• Analyses multiple devices at one scan
• Generate Reports in PDF, Html and CSV
• Graphical and CSV Export for Firewall policy.
• Connect Devices using SSH and web services
• Perform online and offline assessment
• Easy to add additional rules
• SYNC with OEM vendors for Updates
• Minimal technical knowledge to operate Scan