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Data Access and Ingestion

Data Access and ingestion gives you the ability to generate business reports, analysis of the marketing campaign, customer segmentations and customer audits. This gives the means to consolidate statements, target the market to key customer segments and produce “variable-focused” customer documents. Most importantly, with this kind of information access, managers can make more timely business decisions.

Data Management

Companies employ data management to put their newly accessible customer information to use more profitably. This process involves address cleansing and mail coding tasks to avoid duplication and reduce printing and mailing costs, ensure prompt delivery, improve response rates and, ultimately increase cash flow.

Others perform address-level geographic analysis and enrichment to ensure compliance with ever-shifting jurisdictional boundaries. These can also target offers based on specific business geographies and even create customer profiles defined by household demographics and buying patterns. As a result, companies can predict response rates for a range of offers and more readily identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Document Creation

Document creation is a single, easy-to-use approach in creating multi-channel one-to-one communications quickly and easily. This process provides a wide range of document types –such as welcome letters, direct mailers, contracts and Account statements, even elaborate packages consisting of multiple documents. We can save time and reduce errors by collaborating on refining designs prior to production.

Document creation also helps to speed the document development process, while facilitating consistency across the organization. A design can be created once, then reused across various applications and multiple delivery channels for business rules, templates, text and other contents for distribution via the web, faxes, e-mail and print. The level of integration possible in document creation also simplifies and reduces costs of ongoing maintenance, which can represent up to 80 percent of total application expenses.

Our Progress

Production & distribution streamlines both high-volume and on-demand production of all forms of customer communication. Users distribute and proof documents over the web prior to giving a final production go ahead. This process generates multiple data streams in a single pass to reduce CPU costs. Users reformat and add content (such as barcodes or OMR marks) to the print stream without touching the original-composition applications which also ensures security.

On the distribution side, Production & distribution presorts and compiling mail classes to optimize postal discounts. It can dramatically reduce return-mail processing costs by tracking documents and mail from inception through delivery. We also have National Bill Mailing Service facility which ensures low postal costs.

Secure Data & Document Vault

Data storage costs are mounting; companies are worried about the security and scalability of their customer archives; and multiple repositories for customer data and documents make for inefficient internal business processes and poor customer service. In addition, there are new legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements to comply with.

Document vault places all customer data into a single, secure yet accessible electronic environment. Integrates print and digital files without the high costs of PDF- and HTML-based solutions. Storage costs are dramatically reduced and all customer data can be instantly accessed for, say, trend analysis. The document vault can deploy call center, customer self-care, and electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) applications quickly. And CSRs can easily navigate archives from remote locations for more responsive customer service.

Customer Care & Post Print Services

With the availability of centralized Document vaults, customer and call center support tools can help achieve a far higher level of customer service. Call centers can reduce call handling times and callbacks by instantly retrieving exact replicas of all customer documents.

In addition, this gives customers 24/7 web access to their accounts, enabling them quickly to get information and make online payments. Since 80 percent of all customer calls are about account information, increasing customer self-service (CSS) activity can make a huge reduction in call center volume. And expanding the use of EBPP reduces customer churn rates, deflects calls, improves payment processing and increases revenue.

Customer Care & Post Print Services

• Account statement printing.

• Reminder letters.

• Special scheme letters.

• Welcome Letters.

• Inland letters.

• Envelope Printing.

• CDA letters.

• Offer Letters.

• Account Statements.

• Regular communication Mailers.

• Bill statement printing.

• Insurance Policy Document.

• Forms with Variable Bar Coding & Numbering.

• Offset printing.

• Security Printing (MICR, Certificates/Mark sheets).